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Default Intel's $250m IT funding for India

Hey mfgoode, some good news $250m for your country....


I also found one of the comments to that news story quite funny, and believe that some people actually have had these kind of experiences (myself included):

"Yay Intel gives us reason to bash Intel tech support once more" by "phaxmohdem":

*Thick Indian Accent*
"Hello, My name is Mark, how can I help you today sir.."

My Pentium D is running too hot and shutting down

"Have you tried restarting windows sir"

Um, it restarts itself cause its too hot, I just told you that.

*Audible pages flipping in background* "Ok sir, try opening Internet Explorer and going to Internet Options."

Uh, I use Firefox, but whats that got to do with how hot my processor is?

"That is your problem sir, we don't support firefox, Close it and restart Windows"

I don't think your listening, my computer is running too hot...

"Did that fix your problem sir?"

What restarting Windows?

"Yes sir"

Uh sure whatever

"Thank you for calling Intel sir, if you could how would you rate the service you recieved today?"

Yeah, just about the worst ever...

*'Mark' jots down Excellent on his PC* "Thank you, have a nice day sir."
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