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Mfgoode my principal objection was to you saying

" of the fact that most of the leading positions all over the world are manned by Indians esp in the IT fields."

I still do not accept this to be true as written.

Now you say "Neither have I claimed that India has the best IT people in the world."

That's how the above statement looks to me. You said it has MOST OF THE LEADING...... ESPECIALLY IT PEOPLE.

Yes there are very clever and talented Indians whether in Indian commerce and acedemia OR those who live and work in other countries.

Let's consider some big IT companies: IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, Silicon Graphics, Cray, Sun. No Indians are the managers of those companies, that I can think of.

In many industries, competent technical staff rise to become evident on the management team.

Yes I would agree that A MINORITY of the staff in each of these companies may well be Indian. For example I know several good Indian people who work for IBM.

I have had an Indian colleague at work and an Indian IT graduate trainee to work with on projects.

Actually I have never been to India, but I have experienced call-centre calls with them.

Personally I bother to understand Scottish and Welsh accents, so a different accent is not a big problem. What I said was that for some it was a barrier to communication, and for others brought out racial prejudices that would reduce sales levels (which any company is wise to be aware of when making such decisions).

Call centres are something I know about as I was part of the management team for five large ones run by a large global phone company.

Within the UK there is a sizeable minority of people or southern Asian origin. Whether pakistan, India, Bangladesh or similar. Many are now British citizens, permanent residents or second generation of immigrant families.

Therefore UK people in urban areas are used to meeting those of Southern Asia (and in Birmingham there are many many tasty Balti restaurants but I don't think these are the kind of world-leading achievement you are speaking of).

The reason British Airways has more flights UK-India is for people here to visit their families and attend religious festivals. As that sector of the population increases their affluence they are increasingly able to afford air travel.

I still think there may be a few snake charmers and cowherds in India.

I BELIEVE that literacy levels in China are probably higher than India, and see China as a bigger competition in global markets as they have manufacturing capacity which India has not developed (yet).

Currently India has economic advantages for inward investment and outsourcing, with low regulatory burdens, taxes, land costs and cost of living (even though in some parts basic infrastructure like water cleaning does need attention). Therefore it is often cheaper to have equivalent research and development commissioned in India than say USA. However, there are also other options eg outsourcing programming to Russia is also cost-effective.

Every country has its famous achievements by people in history. eg Newton discovering gravity is just one for the UK. I agree that there have been some great Indian mathematicians.

There are many programmers in India. SOME of them are very good and/or well experienced.

I do not think the voicemail developers above are necessarily skilled programmers just because they reinvent something very similar to what already exists and present it as "new".

Many of those real Indian experts are hidden in research departments, working on projects for foreign companies and their achievements will go unnoticed.
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