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Cool Worlds first Voice mail from India.

Originally Posted by Peter Nelson
If you indeed have the best IT people in the world one would imagine they
It's funny but I have never read any article on any Indian pioneers in these fields (or perhaps it is a global conspiracy to ignore the achievements of Indian IT experts - NOT!)
Please do not insult other countries by claiming India has the best IT people.
Only *SOME* of them!
I dont think I have insulted any country as you seem to believe.
Neither have I claimed that India has the best IT people in the world.
I did say a lot of them are working on the frontiers of IT and are making progress for the rest of the world.
We did have a lead at one time when hotmail came out but it has been followed up by other nationalities and hence diluted.

You seem to know a lot about IT working in India (accents etc) and I presume you have got this from 1st hand experience by having stayed in India
for a long time. I may be mistaken though.

Well out-sourcing is at the lower level and you know it at first hand presumably.
You have not mentioned it at a higher level and whats going on in the 7 Indian IITs the standard of which was rated as second to the MIT.
Our research establishments are doing a splendid job in most fields.
I just read the other day that Israel has picked the Indian rockets to put their satellites into orbit and taking fly pasts to the planets.

Our PM is a PhD and so is our President and the country is in good hands to take on China by 2020

The universities of Mohenjodaro and Nalanda were flourishimg when most of Europe were barbarians

I also saw an analytical news item that a lot of British graduates were applying for the call centres at half the pay as living was cheap and carefree in India. Plus there were adequate facilities to tour around this land of temples
mosques and churches spread all over the country(not to mention drug abuse)
Charter flights from Manchester were over full heading for Goa and other exotic cities. British Airways have extended their frequency to 15 flights a week!

So Im looking at a larger global and overall perspective than just call centres.
True they are manned by graduates from all over the country with different accents and its difficult for the Americans and the English to understand them
but how long do you think it will take to master an accent? How come the rest of the Europeans dont complain and take the trouble to understand the Indian way of speaking.?

I have seen people picking up accents the day they land abroad esp. in the U.K
My maths professors were from the South with heavy Tamilian accents. It took me some time to understand them which I did but they were brilliant in their field.

Yes I am proud to be part of this great nation and its IT.

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