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Unhappy World's first Voice e-mail from India.

Originally Posted by Peter Nelson
Mfgoode, this is not particularly new technology.

In short I'm not impressed

Let's assume a potential competitor (eg me) wants to launch a similar service WITHOUT 10 seconds of SPAM prefixing each message. How long do you think THEIR "so innovative" company would last in the marketplace?
:surprised Thank you Peter for your comments and observations.
I agree with you but its a 'worlds first' regardless of knowing the theory and practice decades ago. The fact is no one has done it before! And I can give you several such examples in other fields where such claims have been made after the job has been done by someone else The history of maths is replete with it
If you give me your e-mail ad privately I will send you a fwd. of the fact that most of the leading positions all over the world are manned by Indians esp in the IT fields. When Bhatia came out with his hotmail bought off by MS for some 400 m dollars he started the trend of a lead in the field and we want to maintain it by such innovations.

The business angle is the last priority and as it catches on it will work.
When the atomic bomb was developed no one really thought of the benefits of nuclear energy. Today its the number one alternative to oil on that scale.

I admit that Voice mail has been done and cheaply too. I myself have Yahoo messenger with Voice, MSN with voice, Redifbol with voice and there are so many others. I also have Skype which is abs free and I talk on it for hours and switch on to the others for their webcam viewing simultaneously.
Now if Skype considered this aspect of communication they would have more than the 4 million users as they have now. So why dont they do it? Maybe its not economical I dont know, and Im not bothered as long as I outwit them with a dual combination of voice and webcam.

Mind you Peter dont get me wrong but its the case of the well known fable I refrain from quoting out of sheer respect for you.

The west has to forget that India is a land of snake charmers and cowherds!
Thank you for your observations.
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