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Mfgoode, this is not particularly new technology.

Speaker independent voice recognition has been around at least 10 years when I worked on it then (and can be used for voice to text conversion to send conventional email).

Text to speech is even easier (eg free from Microsoft).

This service focuses on a simple store and forward voice recording system.

Likely it simply sends the recipient a mime attachment or email redirecting to a web page which stores the message.

THIS IS NOT INNOVATIVE. I could do it in about a week, and similar has been done before.

What will probably kill it is the 10 second commercial advertisement at the start of receiving a message.

Brings a whole new meaning to the word "SPAM".

Imagine wasting 10 seconds every time you read an email. No way.

If they used a business model where on the screen used to record a message there was a discreet banner ad (like google or others) that would earn revenue by more subtle and less intrusive means of placing a message in front of eyes.

They say voice is superior. Well in terms of bandwidth used, text messaging and email are VERY efficient (<=1 byte per character) which voice (even compressed) can't compete with. I doubt their system has been engineered to scale to massive traffic volumes so their system will fall over if it ever takes off. They would need large central servers/disks for storage, high bandwidth links and redundancy, as well as ideally some geographical diversity.

In short, I'm not very impressed.

Let's assume a potential competitor (eg me) wants to launch a similar service WITHOUT 10 seconds of SPAM prefixing each message. How long do you think THEIR "so innovative" company would last in the marketplace?
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