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7900 candidates per 50k range of n is not a lot! That's usual for this kind of numbers. Have a look at the thread for k=2995125705, the average is about 150 per a 1000 range of k, which means 7500 per 50k, that's only 400 less than your case (because it is sieved to 18T). So just keep on going.

OTOH, some k's have large gaps (in terms on n) between primes. If you want you can stop this one and select another k.

Originally Posted by Cruelty
I have been working on my k=736320585 for some time, I am now LLR'ing both 250-300k and 300-350k ranges of "n". The problem I have is the number of candidates per every 50k range of "n" - I have sieved both ranges till 1T and I still have ~7900 candidates per every range which is a lot compared to what others report on this forum... any hints on what I may be doing wrong?
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