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Default August 20, 1619 beginnings of slavery in the US, coming up on 400th anniversary

This event was recently brought to my attention, yet another reason to pay attention to the year 2019 and also 2020.

Slavery began in this country, the United States, with the kidnapping of Africans and their transport here, to the US. It happened on August 20, 1619, and I suspect something major with happen this August 20th, we'll have to wait and see.

God "likes" certain numbers. 40 is one number and, of course, all it's mutliples, especially when it's a multiple like 10. The number 40 points to trials, but, all things considered, I think 2019 is the start of trials, rather than the end. Maybe it's both.

It's rumored by many that the original Israelites were black, so maybe, possibly, the Africans did something to offend God(voodoo maybe?) and maybe that's why we've had this 400 year period of blacks getting the short end of the stick. The problem is that, when the Israelites suffering ended, it tended to mean the people making them suffer were about to suffer.

Now, I have absolutely nothing against black people, racism is terrible. But I look like a white devil whether I've been mean to black people or not. I keep waiting for the day where I get my clock cleaned because my autistic awkwardness is seen as racism.

My ADD made this post diverge a bit, I intended to make this about prophecy and it turned into something else. Suffice it to say, the US, and maybe the world, is about to get real bad real quick. It's only a matter of time. The US will attack Iraq soon, though I have no idea when, and maybe that will be the thing that triggers the 7 year peace plan, the beginning of the end.
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