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Ok, I just did a mojor update. Well..... it was a major update in my view anyways...

Things that have been changed

1) koekie now only appears once in "largest factor found by each person"
2) all those people that were missed out in the initial "top p-1ers" should be there.
3) In the "top p-1ers" it now shows their largest factor and the exponent that it is a factor of
4) you can now click on names in "top p-1ers" and it will take you to a new page where it shows all the factors that they have found since the beginning of mersenne-aries
5) every page (that is not the index page) should contain a link to take you back to the homepage.

Could everyone that has done p-1 work, please check their stats and make sure they are correct. I know that you won't know exactly, but if my website says that you have done 50 p-1s and you know that you have done over 200, then let me know and I will see what I did wrong.

If you would like another name other than your "primenet user name", just let me know. However, I would prefer it if it was still a name where everyone knows that it is them. For example, S130260 is James Heinrich. So in that sort of case it would be good to change the name because no one knows him as S130260.

So, what else needs to be changed/added/deleated from the website. One more thing that I would like to add is some stats on the length of exponents that we have found. (Like how many with 20 digits, how many with 21 digits etc.)

All and any suggestions are welcome. It doesn't matter how small.

Oh, one more thing that I should mention is that only the stats in "completed missions (plus my own results.txt files of my computers) have been included in the stats. I realise that there are some sets that are finished in the forum, but just while I am trying out some different things with the website, I won't be including the new sets for the next week or so. Once I have worked the kinks out of the website and added the stuff that is suggested (hint, hint) I will include all stats and move all the completed missions into the "completed missions" sub forum.

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