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Default P-1 Stats Website!!!

Well, after a lot of digging, I have gone through all the missions ever done by mersenne-aries and sorted them all out. I have also started to post the stats on my website.

Now, please keep in mind that this my first ever attempt to create a website, so please go easy on me.

I have started this thread as a spin-off of the "missions" thread. The main things that I woud like to be posted in this thread are

1) Suggestions for things to be added to the website
2) Things on the website that need to be fixed
3) etc

There are a few problems with it at the moment (the major one being that there is very little information on it).

1) Some people aren't in the "top p-1ers yet" due to "complications" but I will put them in there ASAP. These people are....
call apple
cold fury

2)koekie is in the "everyone's largest factor twice". I will fix this.

3) none of the pages have a "back to home page" yet. I will try to do this. However getting more stats is probably a higher priority at the moment.

This are the problems that I already know about and plan to fix. Any suggestions/bugs/problems, just post them here and i will try to fix them as soon as I can.

Oh, most people are in there using their primenet user name, if you would rather have it changed to your forum name or something else, just let me know.

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