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Sorry dave_0273, I edited my post above your last one while you were replying
I've moved it down here:
Originally Posted by dave_0273
I could do it on a per month basis. I could rank people by the number of exponents tested over the last month. The reason that I don't suggest weekly is that it takes just over a week on a resonably fast computer to do a set of work at the moment. Therefore, if I were to do it on a weekly basis, it would look like they didn't do any crunching that week when really they were crunching all week.
What about a past-4-week moving average? Taking any arbitary chunk of time (week, or month) you end up with problems when you complete 100 exponents just after the cutoff. A rolling average over 4 weeks or so should smooth out any spikes, and still give you a current number each week.

Originally Posted by dave_0273
Histogram of found factors length
Hmm, let me think about this one.... Interesting though. I will definately keep the longest factor found by each person, however... yeah, let me think about it.
I don't think that I will be doing anything to do with CPU years, unless a very easy way to work it out falls into my lap.
I can't really comment more in-depth as to what's doable, or not doable, since I don't know what format the input data you're working with is, and what kind of stats processing you envision (stored in a database of some sort, I imagine?)

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