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Sorry James, I didn't leave you out, you just posted while I was writing.

The one thing I don't track, but would like to, is the total number of exponents processed, and the ratio of no-factor vs found-factor.
Easy, and done.

Histogram of found factors length:
Hmm, let me think about this one.... Interesting though. I will definately keep the longest factor found by each person, however... yeah, let me think about it.

As for the block size, I will now post some 50 and 100 exponent block sets. I would like to stay away from 25 block sets if I could. I just think that they would be too fidley. The other thing that I am worried about is that you are only "expected" to find a factor every 30 exponents or so. So I would prefer not to post sets that are smaller than the size set where you would expect to find at least one factor. (Does that make sense??)

Another stat (that I don't track) could be the number of CPU-years spent factoring, and relate that to the number of CPU-years saved by found factors (hopefully time saved > time spent )
This is something that I tried to do in my own stats (like you, I keep record of all my work too). However, it was too much work for what is was worth. I don't think that I will be doing anything to do with CPU years, unless a very easy way to work it out falls into my lap. Sorry.

Thanks for your suggestions.
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