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25×3×5×7 Posts

I'm not dying for online stats, but if they come I won't object. I offer my help if it's needed (as long as I can do it in PHP )

If this helps, this is a screenshot of the stats I keep for myself in Excel:
edit: you can't put images in posts here?

The one thing I don't track, but would like to, is the total number of exponents processed, and the ratio of no-factor vs found-factor.

Another stat (that I don't track) could be the number of CPU-years spent factoring, and relate that to the number of CPU-years saved by found factors (hopefully time saved > time spent )

Histogram of found factors length:
46 |    1 | *
25 | 1234 | *********
24 | 2433 | ****************
100-blocks of P-1s is a good size for me; maybe you could put the jobs up in batches of 100s (as you've been doing) for people with a lot of machine time, but split one of the 100 blocks up into four 25-blocks so that people with less CPU time could each grab a small chunk.
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