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Well, this is something that I have always planned on implementing, but I guess things just kept on getting in the way. The main problem was that we didn't have much of a lead on the leading edge of doublechecking (with our p-1 checking) and some even got left behind due to the fact that we weren't moving fast enough. However, we are now just starting to get a decent lead, so now is a good time to try some other things.

Before I put my suggestions down as to what the future of mersenne-aries is, is there anyone who would like to give some suggestions. Is there some particular stats that you would like to see?? Would you like the blocks of work to be smaller/bigger/about the same, or even have a range of different sizes.

About the only thing that i don't want to do is do anything too far ahead of the leading edge of first time LL tests. The other thing is that the "redo-factoring" assignments were more just a once off. By accident, someone found some factors that really should have been picked up if they were indeed factored to the limit which was returned to the primenet server. Unless a range is once again discovered, I don't think that there will be any more redo-factoring missions, however I am still relatively new to this so who knows, there could be.

Please, feel free to offer any suggestions that you may have, no matter how small or "silly" they seem. I am eager to hear what people think about mersenne-aries since I took it over from GP2.

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