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The question in this poll presupposes that any AI will have "hands"; whereas it would be easy to argue that hands are really an impediment to intelligence and that no truly intelligent being will ever exist that has "hands". Instead it will have paws with claws.

Anyways and slightly less jokingly: I consider this thread as meaningless as the ET thread because there's a lot of people using a lot of words (from "intelligent" to "life") as if they had ever thought about them long enough to recognize them if they bit them into the butt. The vast majority of the world population is unable to pass a Touring test, much less devise one to examine whether any one entity (terrestrial or extraterrestial) is in fact intelligent. The average toaster has more common sense (and, quite frankly, more sex appeal) than the average human I see around me these days.

When chess turned out to be a big problem, people proclaimed that the true test for artificial intelligence was going to be the creation of a machine that can beat a GM at chess. Then when that was done, everybody is now proclaiming that it was all just an engineering task. In the same vein, you can build a machine to do anything you can conceive of and most people will continue to assert that it is "just a machine" even though that "mere machine" may beat them at anything you can name.

Thus you have the choice: talk about "intelligence" in vague undefined terms and accept the meaninglessness of any ensuing exchange -- or otherwise specify exactly what it takes to be "intelligent" and watch people proclaim that your criteria are all achievable by a "mere unintelligent machine".
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