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Default AI-slavery / recreational discussion

Inspired by Xilmans mentioning of AI in the 'ET'-Thread, i think the following question and some deeper implications might be of interest and provide some motivation for a discussion:

Let's - for the sake of this thread, assume, that in times to come, perhaps in spring 2016 AD, a freakish accident in some backwood quantum-computing university-lab produces a *something* that may be indistinguishable from a sentient being and therefore be known as the first AI on mother earth.

Let us also assume, that this university (lacking funds to buy 'MS quantumNet.Windows 2014 SP 8') uses a GPL licensed 'QuanTux 11.2' operating system.

Would not the GPL licence enforce a kind of slavery on the AI? Would a BSD-style licence be different? Would the existence and recognition of AI-like entities supersede the copyleft of the GPL? The knowledge that everyone has the right to modify, restructure and 'play with' some instances of the AI and sell them enslaved would exert quite some 'mental' pressure on that new-born entity. Would not that AI be only able to declare itself 'off limits' (before copied) under BSD-licence but not GPL?

Talking about AI: What do you think will ‘create’ them? Increased complexity of 'classical' computation? The physical implementation of quantum computers? Will they never evolve? Is the biological human brain with it’s rough-scale chemical reactions really the 'source' of our consciousness or does it only provide one possible framework for some deeper, universal process? Is there a link to the 'deterministic universe - no free will' idea?

Errr... now my pizza delivery is imminent here and i am starving – good weekend to the rest of the GIMPS-community ;)
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