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There are a few problems:

- The thread would be very long. A possibility is to put the information up on the Opteron server, but I haven't gotten around to this.

- The data files (BAD, LUCAS_V.TXT, etc) sometimes use different user names than Primenet does. For instance, user "PaJaSoft" appears in the data files as "S112790". So a users looking up their error rate might have to look under an alias (which they might not even be aware of).

- The main reason is because it would be of only limited use. It takes a triple-check to definitely determine that a result was erroneous, which means that the erroneous results were often returned years ago, and many of the machines now identified as error-prone are not even in service anymore. By contrast, there are a whole bunch of modern machines currently crunching first-time LL tests that we have little or no information about, because none of their exponents have ever had a double-check.

So, the current list of error-prone machines is mostly useful for identifying which exponents need an early double-check. It's not very useful for determining which modern machines are error-prone (unless those modern machines happen to be set to do double-checking rather than first-time testing).
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