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Originally posted by garo
You should also be able to let Prime95 report normally for Primenet credit.

Can you post a detailed step-by-step explanation of how to get Primenet credit for manual tests? If so, that would be great, I think we'd get a lot more takers.

I've got dozens more triple-check exponents like the above. The chances of these producing a Mersenne prime are nil, since two separate LL tests produced non-zero (albeit differing) results, and to get a prime you'd have to have both the triple and quadruple checks returning zero residue. So it's unfair to automatically release these as pseudo-first-time checks to people who specifically requested only first-time checks with a bona fide chance of finding a prime. Nevertheless these triple checks are extremely valuable because they have an excellent chance of unmasking a previously-undetected error-prone machine, and then all of that machine's other, unverified exponents can legitimately be released as pseudo-first-time tests.

The triple-check exponents I want to post here satisfy both a) a high chance of unmasking an error-prone machine, and b) each exponent that unmasks an error-prone machine triggers a fairly large number (at least 15+) of that machine's other, unverified exponents for pseudo-first-time LL testing.
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