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Originally Posted by kladner View Post
to my knowledge, [adobe stuff] runs into trouble when Prime95 is using all CPU cores.
This is true, not only for "heavy" adobe stuff mentioned, but also for the simple "acrobat reader". Some part(s) of it run at a very low priority or need very high CPU resources for a short time. In my job I have always many PDF's open on screen (datasheets, etc), and I found out long ago that when I open a second pdf, there is a delay (visible, measurable, sometimes tens of seconds, and never for the first pdf file, but starting from the second, there is a delay, which is constant, does not grow if I open more files) if p95 uses all CPU cores to max. Stopping/pausing p95 for even a second (and starting it back immediately, or not - sometimes I let it off and forget about it for hours) solves the problem, all pdf file open instantly, "exploding" on the screen.

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