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Originally Posted by Brian-E View Post
Just to add to what Brain writes:

Trial factoring, and Lucas-Lehmer testing, are two necessary types of work. They are not the same, and there are other work types as well. You can set a work type preference if you wish on your PrimeNet account to choose what you want to do, or you can simply select the "what makes sense" option which will make PrimeNet decide what work to give you on the basis of your hardware's particular strengths plus what the project most needs at the moment.

If you want to choose your own work type, and if you want a chance of discovering a mersenne prime yourself then, as Brain says, first time LL testing is the way to go. (DC, which is doing an LL test that someone else has already done as a double check, provides a smaller chance of discovering a prime too.) An LL test will take weeks or months, though. Factoring work is faster, just as important to the project, and much more likely to give a positive result (factor found); but it will not lead to you being the discoverer of a new prime.
basically what is being pointed out here is that gimps does not do TF by LL.
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