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Default Upgrading a cat. 0 box

I have parts in the mail to upgrade one of my PrimeNet boxes. In PrimeNet's eyes, I will be retiring a box and introducing a new one.

While I have done so numerous times before, this will be the first time under the "new assignment rules", so I thought I'd rather be safe than sorry.

At the time of the upgrade, the box will be processing four cat-0 DCs with up to four more assigned, but unstarted thus far.


- Will the "new" box be able to finish the "old" boxes' assignments (started and/or unstarted)?

- Should I start the unstarted assignments while they are still on the "old" box in order to prevent auto-de-reservation while the "new" boxes' speed hasn't settled?

- Is it necessary (or recommended) to get the new box established with PrimeNet (i.e. achieve "trusted client version" status) before copying the assignments over?

- Is there any other trickery necessary/recommended? (I do not want to take the FixedHardwareUID route this time.)

I am aware that the "new" box will probably no longer receive cat-0 / cat-1 assignments for a while. That's fine with me. My concern is solely with losing work and/or assignments...

P.S.: I have a second cat-0 box running that could finish the assignments, but that one would get close to the deadline. I'd really prefer to finish the assignments on my "new" box.
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