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Originally Posted by a1call View Post
A positive PRP test result for the candidate you are testing, would be a relativity quick test with a very strong indication that you do not have a false-positive.
Would it not?
I don't see the advantage of using a PRP test in this context ... no faster than LL, and on the highly-reliable (typically with ECC RAM) systems usually used by George & Aaron for their 'first look' DCs the kinds of system glitches the Gerbicz error check is designed to catch are unlikely to come into play. Also, if the initial run used LL, using LL for the DC allows direct cross-comparison of intermediate Res64s, if the user's logfile is available. (At least I would hope it would work this way.)

Even if the original run didn't output interim residues in the manner I describe, when George/Aaron do their DC they set the flag to do so, which means if their run also says 'prime', then the official independent-software DCs can do such interim-residue cross-matching ... this is especially important for the GPU clients, which are very fast but error-prone, to be able to tell if the GPU DC has gone off the rails, in which case it is restarted from the most-recent interim savefile whose Res64 matches the Prime95 DC one.

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