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I think it does that, when yafu is test-sieving I'm quite sure I saw it doing a test for algebraic side.
On this number, YAFU test-sieves three polynomials. For each one, it decides which side it thinks is fastest and tests only that side. I'm suggesting that it should also test algebraic vs rational for the same polynomial.

What also brings a nice boost is starting at much lower q-values, instead of 60000 I now start at 10000 which for some numbers had 50 rels/q while at the final q it was about 15 or 16. Maybe it's advisable to go even lower.
Starting at very small q may look faster, but most of those relations will end up being duplicates, and you'll end up needing more raw relations to build a matrix. I did some testing on numbers in the c175-180 range last year which showed that starting at very low q-values is slower despite the increased yield; Curtis's rule of thumb is to aim for a qmin-to-qmax ratio of 7 to 8. I think Curtis has some updated param files for small numbers which he hasn't released yet, and I would guess that the new c120 file will have a larger qmin than 60000.
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