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To see if I understood it correctly (that example helped a lot), if I want to factor 1281979*2^{523}+1 with SNFS, I follow EdH's guide, with the following modifications:

1) Using self-created poly, in the example case: 4*(1281979*2^{523}+1) = 1281979*{(2^{105})}^{5}+4, so c5 = 1281979, c0 = 4, y1 = 1, y0 = -2^105 (negative)?

2) Don't copy lambda0 and lambda1 values to params. So I just leave it out or do I use the ones from the original CADO params file?

3) Calculate rels_wanted using your formula.

or indeed the best polynomial, as there are often multiple options.
I guess for now I'm good with the default values, but out of curiosity, how could the polynomial be changed? I could just multiply by 4 again, but I guess it's not that simple?
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