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Originally Posted by mathwiz View Post
I am quoting R.D. Silverman, but addressing the moderators here:

Why is this sort of rude, insulting tone permitted on the forums? Certainly this vitriol and condescension discourages people from asking questions and thereby learning. Even if the answers may be trivially obvious to Mr. Silverman, they are not to others.
The O.P. has a very long history of crank and nonsensical posts combined with
a proven unwillingness to spend time learning anything about the subject. He also
fails to respond to questions posed to him.

Anyone who wants to ask questions needs to show that they have made at least a
minimal effort to answer the question for themselves. To do so otherwise is rude
in and of itself because it places a time requirement on others. Even a cursory
web search by the O.P. would have revealed the answer. Teachers should not
have to waste their time with students who are unwilling to do basic homework.
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