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Originally Posted by a1call View Post
Are primes products of distinct primes?
I would say not, but know of Wikipedia worshippers which would disagree.
Your posts are generally just bullshit, insinuations, insulting the intelligence of the audience, and blah blah blah, so I do not read them in detail anymore, for long time. Generally, primes are primes, can not be composite (i.e. product of primes), and well, even if you reformulated in the next post, to use Title case, which makes more sense (as the "set" of divisors, but is is still extremely odd to call them Primes, as they are mostly composite). However, we can satisfy you this time, with the exact stupidity that you say:

Originally Posted by a1call View Post
Else if Primes are-not products of distinct primes then:
4, 25 and 121 have no winners
Oh? How come? I just said how Alice wins in this case...

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