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It is quite an interesting challenge.
I have tens of glasses which are 15/16 full but I am quite peptomestic about filling the last 1/16 of any of them.
One interesting aspect is that the square root of the sums seem to form in interesting and different patterns.
Many are symmetrical around a 45° diagonal.
Others form a row of primes then primesx2 then semi-primes then semi-primesx2 and other patterns as well.
And of course my posts would not be complete without a few painfully annoying nags to some:
The challenge does not define any rules regarding repeating terms within/between the two sets A & B. Without such clarifications many trivial solutions can be found.
Yup: A=[3, 99, 3, 99] B=[1, 22, 1, 22]
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