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Originally Posted by EdH View Post
Did Dubslow's page take merges into account and only show the primary number? [yes, after manual confirmation. before manual confirmation, the sequences were still shown, but instead of the terms/drivers it said "merged with blah blah"; after manual confirmation, the higher sequence is gone.] Other than checking for merges, via the db or various other data, how would I know not to reserve a higher sequence? [you don't, beside of keeping your own list]. Would I be "scolded" if I reserved a higher sequence without noticing/checking for a merge? [no, some one like Frank would be delighted if you progress any sequence , there is plenty of work for everyone. Someone else will tell you about the merge, if you report your reservation/progress, and if the head sequence is reserved already, you will have to negotiate with the owner who is keeping it. Some guy may be nervous about "hey, let my sequence alone", but that's life. If the guy is me, I will thank you, and let you have it, hehe] Does any of this mean that I should always check for merges as well as reservations prior to reserving? [better check!]
My comments in square brackets, I am left handed in handling multiple quotes right now. :D
[edit: if you reserve the sequence here, someone will tell you about the merge, for sure. Few people here keep a very strict evidence, only they don't read the forum everyday like us, they have more important things to do, but someone will notify you for sure]

[edit2: about that "last lines", you must be really lucky to run in a merge with a last line of a sequence - never happened. Otherwise you have to report every factorization to the DB, and check if the DB has a "progress" of your sequence of more than expected lines. We usually don't work like that, it is very time-consuming, we do many terms between reports, and only check for merges when the sequence runs down (decreases) many terms, or when we see jumps in the DB which are not explained by our factoring power. Connected to this is the fact that you don't really need the "endings" to be very updated. Your chance to have a merge to "last term" is null]

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