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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
What I do:

- download all last lines of the seqs upto yours from FactorDB
(emphasis added by me) This was why I asked...


Thanks for the replies, but I must be a bit dense. Did Dubslow's page take merges into account and only show the primary number? Other than checking for merges, via the db or various other data, how would I know not to reserve a higher sequence? Would I be "scolded" if I reserved a higher sequence without noticing/checking for a merge? Does any of this mean that I should always check for merges as well as reservations prior to reserving?

I use endings for my last line list, which I believe should be up-to-date and easier on the db than separate calls. Is also up-to-date, or is it an earlier run? And, are the holes in these lists (like, 58501-58600) there for some particular reason?

Thanks for all the replies...
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