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We just had a significant shaker here in Silicon Valley, at around 10:10am PST. Using the seat-of-the-pants estimation method described in this thread, time lag between the P and S-waves roughly 1-2 sec, so I'm guessing it was within 10 miles of my work in Sunnyvale. Guessing ~5.5 for magnitude.

EDIT: And here is what the USGS has to say:
        y/m/d     h:m:s     deg     deg     km
 4.1  2010/01/07 10:09:35 37.477N 121.797W  9.0   10 km ( 6 mi) ENE of Milpitas, CA
Hmm, wonder how I was so far off on the estimated magnitude ... perhaps there's a significantly different structural response of my apartment in Cupertino (where I've been for all previously noticeable-to-me quakes) compared to my work (a much larger, airier building).

EDIT 2: When I entered my work address and the geographical coordinates given by the USGS for the quake into Yahoo maps, I got the picture below - if the coordinates are correct, that would place it right next to the Calaveras reservoir, which IIRC lies next to the Calaveras fault:
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