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Until recently I was doing a lot of trial factoring on candidates that hadn't yet been double checked, since I like to direct my resources to double checking. In a sense I would be eliminating exponents before running LL on them.

But with the advent of PRP verification, it no longer makes sense to run a second LL on an exponent where there is only a single LL result: the PRP check will catch errors that LL won't, saving needing to make a third test, and the overhead of verifying the PRP run has been done is less than the cost of re-running LL when there is a mismatch.

So I primarily do LL double checks where there are mismatches. And the value there is finding out which hardware was bad, so all that hardware's results can be checked early. And I'll likely match one of the two results. Otherwise doing a fresh PRP run is more efficient.

Because I'm primarily targeting mismatches, it doesn't make sense for me to bulk TF DC exponents to higher levels. And I was about the only one doing that, outside of Wayne's < 20M project. All of the higher ranges have fewer unfactored exponents than the goal of that projects.
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