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Default llrCUDA Version 3.8.6 is released!

Hi All,

This GPU version of the LLR program has the same features as the previous 3.8.3, but I think that the updates made from it deserve to change the version number.
Here are some of these updates :

- May 2022 : The range of available FFT lengthes has been extended using
SSE2 Woltman tables. This allowed this version to test successfully
M82589933 in less than 8 days!

- The maximum value of bits per input double word that was defaulted to 35.0 is now defaulted to 37.0.
moreover, it may be changed by user, using -oMAXBPD=xx.x option.
It can be useful to decrease this value if too much round off errors occur...

- In previous Version 3.8.4, one call to free() function was missing in Gerbicz
error checking code ; this caused an important memory leak...
This issue is now fixed here!
No much new feature, but some improvements related to reliability and speed.

Please, let me know if you have any problem to run the binary on Linux and/or to build it on your system.

I wish you many successes in prime hunting!
Best Regards,
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