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Talking A math pun shirt

Here's a shirt that says "What's a map for a field trip/ a field automorphism" and I'm trying to make a group order so that individual shirts become cheaper. Would anyone be interested?

If you want some, you can make an order, put your email address, and put that you are from GIMPS in the "leave a note" field; I'll contact you for payment later. (this is because I'm also sending the group order link to kids I'm teaching, and I need to know who I should collect payment from)

The shirts come out to $8 - $10 depending on how many people order. The $8.41 estimation is for 30 shirts.
  • If you want it shipped to somewhere in US, please have it shipped to you directly; shipping is $4.99, and there could be sales tax.
  • For locations not in US, you can have it shipped to me and leave the desired address in the "leave a note" field. Shipping will be ~ $7.32 or $8.31 depending on the size of the shirt and your location (I'm using USPS).

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