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Originally Posted by swellman View Post
Rich - 15e_small is limited to lpbr/a = 31 and r/alim = 134M. Any higher values and the job de facto belongs on 15e.

Did you try it with 3 LPs? That’s allowed on 15e_small 31-bit jobs. I have no idea if doing so would increase yield enough to generate enough rels within the allowable Q limit. (15e_small is really meant for small jobs - a GNFS 182 may be too difficult for it.)

But I’ll be happy to enqueue it on 15e if you’d prefer.
Sean - I didn't see the 31 bit limitation listed (you may want to edit the first post). Please move my post to the 15e thread, or I can repost there if you want. Sorry for the trouble....
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