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I am in the process of concurrently testing (on a single older 2.6 Ghz quad-core) all untested conjectures with CK<40000 to n=2500; 22 bases total; 3 Riesel and 19 Sierp bases. It should be done in 4-6 days. The two bases with the fewest number of k's remaining are complete. I have recommended them and the k's remaining are attached to the first post. With < 140 k's remaining at n=2500 S820 and S931 should not take too many resources to test to n=25K. As I finish the bases I will continue to add them as recommended with their k's remaining added to the attached folder.

I have a single reason for doing this at this point: The Riesel new bases have been tested quite a bit more than the Sierp bases, which has been an ongoing theme on the project almost from the time that it started.

Note that I am not removing these from the "untested Riesel and Sierp bases" threads until they are actually reserved for further testing.
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