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After i spent one more hour in front of the board (1:05 AM here), it seems we also win with 33 Nxc8 Kxe6 (other moves seems worse for black) 34 Bh3 Kf7 35 Rb7, Bb4 etc, so it seems you are right, in this point does not really matter. However, this seems a bit more complicate for me, it is not "straight by force".

Also 33 Rb6 is winning move. They can't do too much now, and we have a big advantage with the rook and future free pawn there, they have to give a piece for it. If they take the horse 33...Kxe6 then 34 Bh3.

All the trick is that they can't defend the pawn and attack our pawn in the same time without losing a lot of moves.

When I posted today (the "long" branch) I didn't have a board in front of me (job, lunch break), beside of Serge's board, and I may (intentionally) missed to post "branches", but either way, 34...Ke8 seems easier (they let the bishop unattended, however we can't capture it immediately, but we will, eventually, for free). Heavier it may be if they play directly 34...Kxe6, but that is contained too. Out main goal here is not to exchange pieces, but to make that pawn free. (1:25 AM here now, good night! :smile:)

(i keep telling you the time so you won't blame me hard if I say something stupid, I should be sound sleeping at this "early" hour)
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