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[QUOTE=LaurV;376292]Did you read my post?[/QUOTE]Yes, but it seemed that some moves were missing.

[quote]33 Nb5 Be5 34 Nc5 Kd8 35 Ra8 Nc4 36 Bb7 Nb6 [strike]38[/strike]37 Rxa5 Bxb7 38 Nxb7+ Kd7 39 Ra6 Nec8 40 a5 Kc6 41 Nb7d6 Nxd6 42 Rxb6 Kd7 43 a6 Nxb5 44 Rxb5 Bd4 45 Kg2 Kc6 46 Rb7.[/quote]That's far more complete than you previously posted -- but you don't show how any alternative moves are refuted!!

Let's go through with comments:

[B]33 Nb5 Be5 34 Nc5[/B] For some reason I overlooked 34 Nc5+ before, which is why I thought Rb6 was required to save the knight.
34 ... Kd8
What if 34 ... Ke8 ?[B]

35 Ra8 Nc4 36 Bb7 Nb6 37 Rxa5 Bxb7
What about alternatives for Black on move 37?[B]

38 Nxb7+ Kd7
What if 38 ... Ke8 ?
39 Ra6 Nec8[/B]

What if 39 ... Nbc8 or Nbd5 or Ned5 ?
40 a5 Kc6
What if 40 ... Nd5 ?
41 Nb7d6 Nxd6
What if 41 ... Bxd6 ?
42 Rxb6 Kd7 43 a6 Nxb5[/B]

What if 43 ... Nc8 ?
44 Rxb5 Bd4 45 Kg2 Kc6 46 Rb7
Our win is not yet clear in that final position.

Suppose 46 ... Bb6
If 47 a7 Kxb7 48 ????
If 47 Rb8
If 47 ... Kc7 48 ????
If 47 ... Ba7 48 ????

[quote][I mean, Nxc8 might have its merits,[/quote][B]33 Nxc8[/B] is a sure win, _by force_, that's simpler than the 33 Nb5 line. In my analysis, I show why Black moves are forced, because any alternative by Black loses faster.

Look at all the questions I raise in the 33 Nb5 line because they might spoil our win! If any of those alternatives works for Black, then 33 Nb5 is not a win _by force_, like 33 Nxc8 is. In fact, if any of those alternatives for Black is sufficiently good, Black might force a draw.

[quote]but giving minus infinite to Nb5[/quote]I apologize for the "minus infinity". I shouldn't have written that.

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