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When I proposed 33 Nb5, it was just a let's-look-at-this-alternative-idea-to-see-whether-it-has-any-merit. I had _not_ seriously analyzed it. I'd just taken a casual look.

Now that I've looked longer at it ... [I]33 Nb5 turns out to be a [U]terrible[/U] move in this position.[/I]

[QUOTE=LaurV;376213]I would say to play 33 Nb5 and let them have at it over the weekend[/QUOTE]They would quickly find what I did --- [I]that after 33 Nb5 [B]Be5[/B] Black would destroy our advantage![/I]

33 Nb5 Be5

Our rook and knight/e6 are both attacked. There's only one rook move that protects the N/e6:

34 Rb6

Then Black brings back his N/d2 to attack our rook again:

34 ... Nc4

Now, our rook has no other safe square to go to. It can be captured on any square it can move to, as well as be captured where it sits.

This line (33 Nb5) is busted!

(See what I meant earlier about Black having plenty of fight left, if we made any mistake?)

[quote]... Anyhow I am not at home this weekend to do any analyze.[/quote]Okay, but [U]DO NOT POST 33 Nb5[/U]

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33 Nxc8 -- 5

33 Nb5 -- [strike]minus infinity[/strike] 0

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