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Default Figuring Out What to Search For - Server/GPU

My gremlin entity is constantly making sure my GPU/computer match up is always short an item, such as my Z620s that only have two 6-pin PCI power connectors, or a heat sink is strategically placed in the wrong location under the card. I could go, but will spare everyone who is still reading.

I've been searching and reading user guides and spec sheets and can't figure out what supports what.

Is there a way to determine if a rack server, like an R620 can house and run a Tesla M40 GPU? Will the card fit the riser? Do two 8-pin PCI connectors exist? What else won't work. ATM, it seems like the only way to tell is to buy the server and find out it doesn't have what's needed.

What type of server is needed if the R620 won't work? Is it necessary to spend a lot of money, or are there used systems that can actually work?

What about mining servers? (Probably nothing inexpensive there, right?!?)
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