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Thanks for your hint.

I am running 12 workers (7x24) on a Sun X4270 under Ubuntu 10.10
I startet the thing with ./mprime -m
Now, for some reason I lost the connection to this server.
After reconnect am again ./mprime -m I had the following situation:

0) All workers are still running
1) <3> gives me, as normal the potential end dates back
2) <4> gives me test/continue (????? I mean, it is running !!)
3) Issuing test/continue (<4>) it brings back "another mprime is running"
4) My problem is, that I do not get any screen output every 20000 iterations (in my case)
example "Iteration: 29720000 / 50816569 [58.48%]. Per iteration time: 0.070 sec."
I need this information mainly to observe the speed "Per iteration time......" and secondly
to see the exact percentage of done work.
So - how go I get the screen output back for each worker after XXX iterations?

By the way: applying ./mprime -h shows me also the option -aXXX.
If I would run different mprimes concurrently - is there a monitoring command to observe them concurrently?
Thanks from Germany
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