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No problem man, take care about yourself, the health is more important than this freaking game here. We are doing good in the game, we could do even better with 33 Nb5 :wink:, but now what's done is done. I kept my mouth shut in the past from respect for cheesehead's work, but I still have this feeling we could play much better in few cases. Anyhow, I posted 34 Bh3, the damage is done, sorry for it (I can say sorry to you, to drag you on this dispute without your fault), let's see black team's reply to the 34 Bh3.

Assuming they play the horse, I also thing that g4 is not the best move.
We can do better with 35 Rb6.

Looking to cheesehead's last "speculative scenario" few posts above, he suggested 36 Kh1. This is not a bad move (hehe, cheesehead's ghost still haunting the thread :razz:), because is taking the king out of the link, so we can play Rb6 without being afraid of black Bd4. Kg2 is not good (indeed!) because of the horse check after Nc4 Bxf5. But if we play now after 34...Nf5, 3[COLOR=Red][B][U]5[/U][/B][/COLOR] Kh1 (!) this is [U]strong[/U], black can't do nothing, their pieces are totally linked each other.

So, If they move the horse, I thing our choice is between 35 Rb6+ and 35 Kh1.

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