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Originally Posted by ThiloHarich View Post
Somebody tried to implement it
Thanks for posting this. I'm aware of one of the people named in the acknowledgements, Curtis Bright (who studied under J. Shallit). As I recall, Bright found an interesting partial solution in one of Shallit's open problems within a particular course. The links provided within the github site are also spot on..even Sage has its uses.

The one thing that bugs me about this whole thing are statements like .. "But who knows?".." but who knows.... ." Bullshit! Papers aren't supposed to be presented in the form of "abstracted" or obfuscated code where you need to puzzle your way through a labyrinth of jargon (however well anyone is versed within that "code"). If something isn't "Euler" clear [literally and/or figuratively] within number theoretic expositions then something's wrong. I'd like to interpose a comic sketch by Gary Larson Sidney Harris here but the attachment link isn't visible. Perhaps if the name Schnorr wasn't associated with this paper and the author listed himself as "Student-T, anonymous ..etc..) that these papers would have received an appropriate critique/review rather than the kowtowing displayed.

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