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I tried to look into the paper I found that it looks more like a draft rather than a finalised paper.
Firstly, after the first submission on 1st of March, a revised version was submitted on 3rd of March. These two versions are drastically different.
Secondly, the last version contains too many mistakes (perhaps, not crucial, but it is hard to tell). For example, the matrix \mathbf{R}_{n,f} on page 2 should definitely be different, otherwise all the arguments in Section 3 are false. I guess that the matrix should have terms \mathrm{ln} p_i on the main diagonal and the last row should contain terms N\mathrm{ln}p_{f(i)}. But I am not sure.

After reading the paper, I am skeptical that Schnorr indeed provides a breakthrough factoring algorithm but who knows...
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