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Originally Posted by tdulcet View Post
My install script for Linux currently follows the recommended instructions on the Mlucas README for each architecture to hopefully provide the best performance for most users, but I would be interested in adding this feature to automatically try different combinations of CPU cores/threads and then picking the one with the best performance, although I am not sure what the correct procedure is to do this for each architecture and CPU or how the -DUSE_THREADS compile flag factors in. The scripts goal is to automate the entire download, build, setup and run process for Mlucas, so I think this could be an important component of that. I have not received any feedback on the script so far, so I am also not even sure if there is any interest in this feature or what percentage of systems it would affect.
-DUSE_THREADS is needed to enable multithreaded build mode; without it you get a single-threaded build, which would only be useful if all you ever wanted to do is run one such 1-thread job per core. Even in that, the core-affinity stuff (-cpu argument) is not available for such builds, so you'd basically be stuck firing up a bunch of executable images, each from its own run directory (unique worktodo.ini file, copy of mlucas.cfg and script to manage work for that directory) and hoping the OS does a good job managing the core affinities.

(Basically, there's just no good reason to omit the above flag anymore).

Re. some kind of script to automate the self-testing using various suitable candidate -cpu arguments, that would indeed be useful. George uses the freeware hwloc library in his Prime95 code to suss out the topology of the machine running the code - I'd considered using it for my own as well in the past, but had seen a few too many threads that boiled down to "hwloc doesn't work properly on my machine" and needing some intervention re. that library by George for my taste. In any event, let me think on it more, and perhaps some playing-around with that library by those of you interested in this aspect would be a good starting point.
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