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ah, this is very helpful. I spent a good bit of time yesterday doing something similar, building essentially a barebones version of this to build docker images.

For intel, I just built multiple binaries (for sse, avx, avx2, avx512) and use an entrypoint script to determine at runtime what hardware is available and run the right binary.

I have had some trouble with the build on arm, though, so for now I'm just using the precompiled binaries, but similar routine in the entrypoint script to run the nosmid/c2smid binary as needed.

the docker image is at pvnovarese/mlucas_v19:latest (it's a multi-arch image, with both aaarch64 and x86_64)

Dockerfile etc can be found here:

I will review your script as well, it looks like you've thought a lot more about this than I have :)
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