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Originally Posted by CRGreathouse View Post
This is similar to my last question here. Where can I look up known factors of (possibly large) Mersenne numbers? For example, I am interested to know if any factors are known for 2^1277 - 1. I didn't see any on but there are probably other resources.

Of course none may be known but I'd like to be a bit more thorough in my checking.
Check out Will Edgington's site:

Download, and you will see factors of completely factored Mersenne numbers in one file and known factors of incompletely factored Mersenne numbers with exponents up to 200,000 in a second file. (He considers a Mersenne number as 2^n - 1 for any n, prime or composite.) It has not been updated in a year, but hopefully should still be useful. Will also has a data-base of factors for larger exponents, and has responded to inquiries about specific exponents in the past.
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