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Unhappy GHz-Days on one of my systems is not updated

I have 7 systems running GIMPS software. All are okay except for one of them. All are running Windows and the appropriate software and the one system is running Linux 64bit. When I look at the statistics on my computers, the Linux box has 0.0000 for Ghz-Days in the table. The computer is running Linux64,Prime95,v25.11,build 2. The GHz-Days never goes above 0. I've tried to delete and re-add the system several times and let it run... It NEVER shows anything other 0.0 even though locally, I see progress on its work assignment.

I really don't care about credits or whatever. Just wondering if anyone else has also seen this problem or has a fix for it.

Thanks, Tom Mc

My account is ctBuckweed and the Linux box is deimos if you are able to view it.
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