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Originally Posted by mdettweiler View Post
Hmm...did we originally leave those k's out of the first-pass 3rd Drive? Because I just used the original 3rd Drive sieve file for this.
Hum. That's very possible but we do need to double-check all of them. I'll have to investigate and get back with you late this afternoon.

In the mean time, can you check the file that is in G2000 to make sure none of those k's are there? If none are there, the web page interfaces appear to be completely correct for this particular testing and we can start G5000 at any time.

Once G5000 starts handing out pairs, can you do a quick spot check to make sure there are a full 195 k's listed on the appropriate web page interface? The file that I sent you should have all k's in there for k=3010-3400.

BTW, I goofed in two ways on the range for G5000. We're only testing k=3010-3400, not 3000-3400 since Lennart has done 3000-3010. Also, we're only doing n=50K-400K not 50K-425K. We're stopping at 400K because that is where the mini-drive started. When people reserve individual k's on the k=3200-3400 range, they'll just need to do a little non-top-5000 work, which would also be the case if we loaded n=50K-425K so we may as well be consistent with k=3010-3200. I've corrected that (once again) in the 1st post. Sheesh. lol

Just a friendly reminder to be sure and only initially load n=50K-75K and in k-value sequence. Thanks.


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