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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post

You have used the following link suffix in 3 places:


Instead of this one:


Both of them were incorrect in the 1st post here and it was also incorrect over at CRUS. This is just a heads up. I've now corrected all 3 places.
Whoops, thanks.

I've also corrected the k-range in port 5000 from 3200-3400 to 3000-3400 per our email discussion.
Duh, should have remembered that one. Thanks.

I've now checked all of the related web pages. Everything was correct except for one thing: is missing k=343, 359, 361, and 375. Can you please check into why those 4 k's are missing? If they have been omitted from the file that is loaded into the server, please add those k's to the server so that they aren't missed. If not, then a correction is needed with the interface from the server to that web page.
Hmm...did we originally leave those k's out of the first-pass 3rd Drive? Because I just used the original 3rd Drive sieve file for this.
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