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Originally Posted by vaughan View Post
Is it days or weeks away?

Should I move my machines from IB:9000 and co at to PRPnet?

BOINC Simap is out of work now so once my cached tasks are crunched and reported I'll be back to full strength. I noticed that my I7-920 (Win 7 64bit) is pretty quick at BOINC ABCatHome.
It depends on what you want to do. IB9000 has some of the biggest top-5000 tests that we have. Only G8000 is higher for servers. I think you said you like those the best.

Unfortunately at this time, these are the only two PRPnet servers and have/will be running the smallest tests that we have and are not top-5000. We're still in a testing and transition phase yet. G2000 that currently has work is double check. G5000 will be extremely small (n=50K-75K vs. 800K-900K in port IB9000) new tests and will take only a few seconds each to test. So you'll get to complete a lot of pairs and find a lot of small primes but their stats score here will be very small.

As for when G5000 will start up, I see it as 1-3 days away yet. Max is the one coordinating the running of the PRPnet servers so he could be more specific. I'm the checker and verifier of every little issue that I can find. I wanted to do the non-top-5000 and double-check work on the PRPnet servers until we defenitively have all of the smallest issues worked out. Then we'll begin transitioning perhaps 1-2 of our LLRnet servers at a time that are doing top-5000 tests to PRPnet servers as we get to nice round n-ranges.

Once G5000 starts up, we'll announce it here. In order to do a good stress test on it, we'll want lots of cores running it. I'll probably put several quads on it and if others can do the same, that would be a great stress test. The idea is to see how much load my servers and PRPnet can handle at the moment. With very fast tests, this will be a very big load as huge #'s of pairs are handed out and completed in short order.


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