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Originally Posted by vaughan View Post
I get "Problem loading page" messages for all the port:5000 links in your post Max.
When is this machine coming on-line?
See this statement above:

NPLB PRPnet server #1 (updated 2009-08-03 09:00 GMT):
Note: Server is not online yet. Links below will not work until server is brought online.

maintained by mdettweiler on gd_barnes machine

We are having difficulting with testing over at CRUS. Although the PRPnet servers themselves seem to be working mostly correctly, interfaces to the web pages seem to be having some problems both there and here.

Max, if you can see what is causing the problem on port G2000 here with the 4 k's not being shown on the one web page, fix it, and then start up G2000 again to where the web page shows correctly, then I'm good with us starting on G5000. Please remember to load the file by k-value. n=50K-75K to start with should be a good stress test. I'll throw at least 3 quads on it to give it a good stress. It will be interesting to see if my servers can handle such a load for extremely fast tests.

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